About Us

Quality assurance system in higher education has gained more significance as the demands of students and the society concerning quality in higher education increased. In this regard, strategies have been defined to bring the quality assurance policy to life in accordance with the mission and vision of higher education institutions; the methodology, regarding the effective implementation, monitoring and improvement of these strategies, has begun to be brought to life.

As our university is a dynamic and proactive higher education institution, an effort regarding the establishment of quality culture at our university is gaining momentum. For this reason, the Coordination Office for Quality and Accreditation of Near East University has been established and this office functions under the body of NEU Rectorship. The tasks of the Coordination Office include giving support to academic and administrative units during the quality assurance processes related to both education and research carried out at our dynamic university; assure better management of processes related to planning, control and prevention; to contribute to simultaneous execution of defined processes; to work on development and activation of the functions of commission/workgroups related to quality and accreditation

Our Coordination Office is aware of the need for horizontal structuring for work related to the quality processes and while our office fulfils its duties, it aims to be transparent and participative.

We strongly believe that we will work productively and would like to express our deepest respect to you all.

Near East University
Coordination Office for Quality and Accreditation